G R O U N D   F O O D S    C A F E



Born and raised in central New Jersey, we are familiar with Italian American fare and grew up eating the best Italian American food the country has to offer. We consumed generous portions of pasta, pizza and those classic "every pizza place" salads (if you know, you know) every week at our local Italian restaurant. Although we enjoyed every meal, we did not enjoy the way the food made us feel. A standard American diet started to deteriorate our health, and so we started cooking at home to satisfy our taste buds while eating healthier. Ever since, we have dreamed of owning our own restaurant that combines our passion for cooking and nutrition. Greg has over 10 years of experience as a chef and we are forever grateful to serve the Seminole Heights community and city of Tampa the best we have to offer.





We believe that a plant based diet is beneficial for your health and the environment. Originally we adopted a plant based diet to increase nutrient dense foods, we later learned of the environmental and ethical impacts we were making by eating this way. We also understand that there is no one diet fits all and everyones needs and beliefs are different. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, looking to incorporate meatless meals or you just down right like some good Italian food, then we have something for you.

We are focusing on fresh ingredients and made from scratch sauces and entrees. We use Gulf Coast Sourdough to source our high quality non gmo pizza dough and sourdough bread. 

Ground Foods Cafe vision is to serve whole foods in an inventive yet traditional way. Stop by, get to know us and enjoy the food.